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Thursday, January 21, 2021

United States Sets Daily Record of COVID-19 Cases a Day After Elections

The United States has reported 102,591 new COVID-19 cases last Nov. 4, a day after the elections.

The United States has reported 102,591 new COVID-19 cases last Nov. 4, a day after the elections.

According to data gathered by John Hopkins University (JHU), cases in the U.S. have surged to 45% in the last two weeks, bringing the seven-day average to 86,352.

Last Nov. 4, Texas reported 9,048 new cases where a third of the tally was recorded in El Paso. Top health officials said that hospitals in the Texan city are at a “breaking point.”

Hospitals in Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahamo have also set new high records.

Data from JHU also indicated that deaths have increased by 15%, bringing the daily average of deaths to 846.

The previous highest daily record was at 100,233, recorded last Oct. 30.

Cases in the U.S. have reached over nine million and the total number of deaths has surpassed 232,000. Both tallies are the highest in the world.

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