Italy Places Four Regions Including Milan Under Red Zone Lockdown

Italy will enforce its latest restrictions starting Friday, including the country’s financial capital, Milan, in efforts to combat Covid-19.

Italy will enforce its latest restrictions on four regions starting Friday, including Lombardy where the country’s financial capital, Milan is located, in efforts to combat Covid-19.

The regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, and Calabria will be placed under the red-zone lockdown,  Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Wednesday night.

The government has announced its measures which will be categorized into three zones according to the situations of the regions, with the red zone as the strictest. People are only allowed outdoors for work, health and emergency reasons. 

The orange zones will have shops open and movement will be free but there is prohibition to leave respective cities. Meanwhile, yellow zones will not experience added restrictions, on top of its nationwide measures. 

Lombardy governor Attilio Fontana said that categorizing their region in the red zone was a “slap in the face of the people of Lombardy,” as the decision was not based on updated data. Other governors whose regions were put in the red zone were also critical of the decision. 

In the latest data, the European Commission said that the Italian economy’s GDP will fall by 9.9 percent this year but that the economy is recovering. However, this would not be enough to restore the economy back to its pre-pandemic state by 2022. 

Lombardy is the country’s richest region and contributes more than one-fifth to the country’s GDP. 

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