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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Giant Iceberg on Collision Course with UK’s South Georgia Island

The 150-kilometer long iceberg known as A-68A is on a collision course with British Overseas Territory South Georgia.

The 150-kilometer long iceberg known as A-68A is on a collision course with British Overseas Territory South Georgia.

The largest iceberg, which broke off from Antarctica in 2017 is now about 500 kilometers away from South Georgia. 

“It’s hard for us to predict exactly where it will end up,” said Dr. Sue Cook, a glaciologist at the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership. Dr. Cook also said that this could disrupt the ecosystem surrounding the island, which is home to numerous penguins and seals.

Data from the European Space Agency has shown that over the last three years, the iceberg has traveled over 1,400 kilometers. Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey also said that the currents could change the course of the iceberg and avoid the island altogether but that it is difficult to say for certain. 

“If it spins around South Georgia and heads on northwards, it should start breaking up. It will very quickly get into warmer waters, and wave action especially will start killing it off,” Dr. Andrew Fleming of the British Antarctic Survey says. 

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