South Korea Accepts Only 164 Refugees From More Nearly 6000 Asylum Seekers

South Korea accepted only 164 asylum seekers from nearly 6,000 applications.

Data from South Korea’s Ministry of Justice showed that from the period of January to August 2020, the number of asylum seekers was 5,896.

Out of this figure, only 41 received refugee status while 123 were granted humanitarian stay permits.

Compared to the 9,278 applications received in the same period last year, the rate of applications decreased to 36.5 percent.

There are now a total of 70,254 foreigners who applied for refugee status in South Korea from 1994 until August of this year according to data released on October 28 by the Korea Immigration Service under the justice ministry.

Russians top the list this year for having the most number of applications at 1,046 from the January to August period.

A South Korean official says that the reason behind the drop of acceptance rate was because of the “increase of false refugee claimants” and “the government’s strengthening of screening criteria”.

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