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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Taliban Kill 25 in Ambush at Takhar Province

At least 25 Afghan security personnel were killed in an alleged Taliban ambush in the Takhar province, Northeast Afghanistan.

At least 25 Afghan security personnel were killed in an alleged Taliban ambush in the Takhar province, Northeast Afghanistan. 

Jawad Hejri, a spokesperson for the governor put the death toll so far at 25 while many more were believed to be injured during the attack.

“Fighting is still continuing and the Taliban have also suffered heavy casualties,” added Hejri.

Takhar provincial health director Abdul Qayyum said that there were more casualties, 34 including the deputy police chief of Takhar.

Hejri said the security personnel were on their way for an operation in the district when they were attacked by Taliban militiamen that had taken positions in the houses around the area. 

Despite being accused of committing the ambush, the Taliban has not yet claimed responsibility.

The latest attack came despite ongoing peace talks between the representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar that started last month.

The Taliban also reassured Washington last week that they would reduce bloodshed in the region. 

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