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Friday, January 22, 2021

UK Aircraft Carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, Springs Leak, Investigation Launched

The United Kingdom’s aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales sprung a water leak in its engine room.

The United Kingdom’s aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales sprung a leak in its engine room while it was docked at its homeport of Portsmouth Naval Base last Thursday.

“Following an issue with an internal system in HMS Prince of Wales, the ship’s company removed water from one of the ship’s compartments.No one was injured and an investigation into the cause of the issue is underway,” reported the Royal Navy.

The leak reportedly flooded the engine compartment at least three feet deep.

Footage taken by the ship’s crew members showed water streaming down stairs and submerging electrical cabinets.

“That’s deep. Oh s***. That’s one metre above the floor,” said the crew on the video.

The Royal Navy did not disclose if the repairs would postpone the ship’s upcoming training exercises.

This month’s incident is the second time HMS Prince of Wales has flooded in the past five months.

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